Senior Goodbye: Madison Powers

Senior Goodbye: Madison Powers

Madison Powers, Web Editor

It’s hard to believe that, four years ago, I was that little freshman walking through RB for the first time. When I first started everyone would tell me, “These years are going to fly by, appreciate your time here,” but I never paid much attention.

Turns out, they were right.

When I look back on my high school experience I realize it wasn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I may not have gotten that 36 on my ACT or qualified for state with my sports teams, but in the end I realized that didn’t matter. I received good grades, formed new friendships that mean the world to me, and grew as a person. I joined new clubs and took classes I never thought I would enjoy, but it turned out that those were the things that impacted me most. I loved being a part of SA and Clarion (shout out to Mr. Mancoff for convincing me to join). I loved being a part of the tennis and soccer teams, creating inside jokes, having pasta parties, and spending so much time together that people became WAY to comfortable with one another . I’d like to thank all my friends for accepting my flaws and weird attributes. The very best moments of my life have taken place in front of you guys.

I’d be lying if I told you I got to where I am on my own. I want to thank all the teachers I’ve had during my high school career: those who challenged me and pushed me because they knew I could do better, those who supported me through my career, and those who inspired me. I discovered what I was passionate about, that school shouldn’t be just about the grades, but how you contribute to help make it a better place, to form friendships, and to learn for the sake of learning rather than just getting an A on a test. I’d like to thank my parents and sister as well. I may not have been the easiest kid to put up with, but they were always there for me. Without their guidance, I would not be the person I am today.

To be honest, I never thought I would be sad to leave high school. I never realized that everything would be out last, our last homecoming, sport season, birthday at home. I realize that time has somehow slipped away and soon we will be saying good-bye our friends, our families, and our homes. Now we are getting excited about starting over, getting sad about what we will leave behind, and getting anxious to move on. Now we realize just how important our best friends are, how much fun we really did have in the four years.

So RB, it’s been a great four years, thanks for the memories.