Senior Goodbye: Jori Zobel

Senior Goodbye: Jori Zobel

Jori Zobel, Features Editor

As I sit here nervously contemplating my thoughts on what to say in my Senior Goodbye, I can easily say I am at a loss for words.  I can’t believe that my time on Clarion is almost over.  Over the past two years I have learned so much and will undoubtedly miss my Clarion family.  As I think of the two years I’ve been on Clarion, I also think of the four years of my high school experience.

Freshman year was definitely one of the best years.  I will never forget the memories made Freshman year in Mrs. Sterling’s Biology class with Allison Shumowsky.  I also remember gym class, specifically how crowded and awkward it was with 42 girls you barely knew. Who would’ve guessed I would’ve met my best friend Megan Gonzalez through gym?  Freshman English was one to remember too! Sarah Johnson and I butted heads a lot, but it was definitely for the best.  I learned how to be pushed and to strive with her.  Thank you, Sarah Johnson!

Sophomore year was a great one too! Thomas Dignan’s English class was more than words can describe and if you know Thomas Dignan, he is definitely infamous for his pinky finger.  I also got to know one of my favorite teachers ever, Whitney Carlson (Now Bontrager), through Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Then came Junior year.  Oh boy, that year was tough inside and outside of school.  My favorite classes were definitely American Studies with Whitney Carlson and Dan O’Rourke and Algebra 2/Trig with Ms.Waldock.

Before I knew it, Senior year rolled around and I can remember everyone saying “Time will fly by in High School,” and it is true; time definitely flew by.  Senior year was one to remember.  I became friends with people I never talked too before.  Government class with Dan Monahan and Shannon O’Connell (My Boo) was the best! But who can forget gym 7th hour with Tim Elbrecht?  What up Core Day! Also, Clarion winning the Pacemaker was the icing on the cake.

RB has left me with many memories I will never forget, and people that have touched my life.  Clarion will always have a special place in my heart.  Thank you, Daniel Mancoff! Taylor Owen and I: cutest Clarion couple always.