Just be yourself

Catherine Jasionowski, Staff Reporter

In today’s world, everyone wants to make other people happy, sometimes even if it means not making themselves happy. That shouldn’t be the case; everyone should always be confident in themselves and that’s that. Don’t worry about fitting into the popular crowd.  Find the group that accepts you for you.

When it comes to being yourself,  it should come naturally. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The main way this is shown is by how people dress. Some may actually like following the newest fashion which is great for them. Then there are the people who just follow it because they want to be in the “in crowd.” Just dress the way you want! Don’t dress in flowery skirts or have the newest shoes if you don’t like them. Wear what you like, and wear what makes you happy. In the end that’s all that matters. Dressing a certain way shouldn’t make you lose friends.  If they are truly your friends, they won’t judge you.

We all act differently when we are around different people, but that shouldn’t be the case. At home or with your friends, you should always be the same person. Let your true self be seen and let it be heard! When your true self is being held within you, it could be like your hiding from the world. Let yourself be heard, and don’t stay quiet  because you’re afraid to hurt your friend’s feelings. Most of the time they are waiting for you to say something. If you’re that afraid to get your friend upset, then they most likely aren’t your true friends.

Express yourself and show who you are. Joining different clubs and trying out for a sport or activity is an excellent way to show your true self. There are so many different things in this school that there is bound to be something that fits you. Be a part of something that you are interested in. Try out for a team or the school play, even if you don’t make it it’s the fact that you stepped out and tried.

So take the chance and step out. If you’re not happy with the way things are, then change them. Dress the way you want, say what you think, and let yourself be known for who you really are. No one knows who you are, only you do.