Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith, Staff Reporter

I am part of the class of 2024. At RBHS I am a part of the Girls Track and Field team, and Girl up. I am an avid watcher of The Office. I’ve seen all nine seasons five times so far. Recently, in my free time I’ve been loving reading new books. I also love to draw, paint, and do calligraphy. I have two cats, Suzi and Jo. Although most pet owners are not supposed to have a favorite pet, my favorite cat is Suzi. She may look like a harmless, adorable cat, but don’t be deceived. She is an extremely loyal cat, but with that she is vicious to strangers. To which I find it funny when I see her interacting with my friends. Another activity I love is hanging out with my friends in my spare time. Something unexpected always happens when I’m with them. They always contribute to the highlight of my day. Something else about me is that I hate strawberries. They are extremely repulsive to me. The taste, and the seeds are disgusting. Also, my absolute favorite artist is Taylor Swift. She literally has a song for absolutely anyone which is incredible. Although personally, I love her breakup songs, she does have some good happier ones as well. Her songs always leave me speechless. @[email protected]

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Sophia Smith