Sports worthy of the Olympic dream?

Joe Sauer, Opinion Editor

As you may have heard, golf and rugby were recently introduced to be apart of the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Jeneiro. But what sports should be included in the Olympics but are not? I have come up with a few good ideas that the International Olympic Committee should seriously consider.

To fill you in, a sport becomes a part of the Olympics by first being recognized by an International Federation. The sport must follow the Olympic Charter, and must be approved by the International Olympic Committee. Once it has passed all the criteria, it can then become an  Olympics sport.

I think that some traditional American sports would be a good addition to the Olympics. Two good ones would be baseball and football.

Baseball, the American pastime, would be amazing in the Olympics. I already know that baseball is also practiced in Japan so they would most likely be in favor of the new addition.

Football is fun enough to watch in America, but imagine football on a world wide scale with whole new competitors and a new set of tactics. The end product would be explosive.

In my opinion some more fierce sports would be a nice addition to the Olympics, like mixed martial arts, dodge ball, and paintball. MMA would be better than Greco-Roman wrestling, and it involves freestyle wrestling which are two sports already in the Olympics. In the case of Paintball and dodge ball, it would be interesting to watch the intensity of these already very intense sports at the Olympic level.

 A couple more ideas, like poker, tubing, water skiing and an intense obstacle course would be great to see in the Olympics. So if golf and rugby could be in the Olympics why can’t these great activities? These are just a few ideas for the International Olympic Committee to let roll around in their minds.