Administration excited to work with Skinkis

Administration excited to work with Skinkis


Dr. Kevin Skinkis reacts to the applause after he is unanimously voted in as D208’s new superintendent.

Danielle Sanchez and Ethan Gallegos

Ethan Gallegos, Layout Manager, & Danielle Sanchez, Public Relations Editor

On Thursday, February 17th, 2011, the new Superintendent, Dr.  Kevin Skinkis, was officially announced and confirmed by the school board. Though only 34 years old, Skinkis is ready to confront his new job head on.

“I’m elated and excited for this great opportunity. I grew up around here and I watched and played against RB. This school has a lot to offer and I am looking forward to working here with the staff and students,” said Skinkis.

Along with his eagerness to join District 208, Skinkis is also sad to leave his former job as principle of Bartlett High School.

Skinkis said, “I told my staff this afternoon; I had to pause because I started to tear up. It will always hold a place in my heart.”

It is hard to leave a school you love behind and start over a new tradition. As Skinkis is making the transition to RBHS, the existing administration at District 208 is welcoming him with open arms.

“We’re very excited about him coming to RB. He has great experiences with students and culture. He also had Character Counts at his old school. He is very energetic and has a ‘can do’ energy. He is strong, fearless, and focused. He will bring great things to the district,” said Principal Pamela Bylsma.

Interim superintendent David Bonette was hired by the district two years ago. He was originally only going to serve one year, but District 208 asked him to stay on until they found a new superintendent. After his two years as interim superintendent, he is glad to welcome Skinkis to district 208.

Bonette said, “Great, I can’t wait to hand off the baton. He in some respects reminds me of myself when I had my first superintendent job. I had very good interesting experiences before I got to be the superintendent, like him. He is young, ambitious and energetic, and I think he will be a good fit for this school district. “

As well as Skinkis, Bonette will also miss the school he is leaving.

“I really enjoyed working with the faculty and the board. One thing I regret is not spending more time with the students. Being an interim superintendent really made it hard to do so,” said Bonette

Skinkis will start his new job as superintendent at RBHS on July 1st.

“It is a great opportunity. It’s my first time as superintendent and I’m looking forward to building on the traditions here,” he said.