Once upon a Turnabout

Once upon a Turnabout

This year’s Turnabout will be held in the main gym on March 5th at 7 pm. SA has already voted on the theme for this year’s turnabout and planning the necessary decorations and everything else needed for the dance. The theme will be “Once Upon a Turnabout” so make sure to ask your Prince Charming before it’s too late. Here are 10 easy and creative ways to ask someone to turnabout!

1.) Check out See Through Kitchen to make your own fortune cookie asking someone to turnabout.

2.) Decorate your date’s room with streamers and silly string with a huge poster saying “Turnabout?”

3.) Design a colorful shirt that says, “Will you go to turnabout with me?”

4.) If you’re musically talented sing a song while playing guitar, and during in the middle of the song, ask, “Will you go to turnabout with me?”

 5.) Make an announcement during lunch or in the morning asking if so and so will go to turnabout with you.

6.) Bake cupcakes and have each cupcake spell out “Turnabout!”

7.) Write a poem explaining how wonderful it would be to have your special someone as your turnabout date.

8.) Go to a sporting event, and when they are looking in the crowd, hold up a sign asking them to Turnabout!

9.) Buy dum dum lollipops and smarties and say, “Don’t be a dum dum, be a smarty, and go to turnabout with me.”

10.) Talk to a teacher and on one of their tests have them put a question that says will you go to turnabout with so and so.