Students make a “splash” for Day of Service

Students make a splash for Day of Service

Emily Gately, Staff Reporter

RBHS PTO is sponsoring the 4th Annual RB Day of Service this Saturday April 23 from 8:30am to 12pm. This year RB has 310 students and about 50 teachers and parents signed up to participate.

“It’s sad that more people don’t participate but we still have a good amount of people this year,” said Morgan Kraus, a student involved in the planning of the Day of Service.

This year’s theme is “Make a Splash.” This year will be mainly focused on cleaning up the rivers and creeks in the district.

Day of Service has been a good way for students to work on team building and make new friendships while they work. The students participate in a range of tasks such as pulling weeds, picking up trash, and painting.

“Working together with a team of volunteers towards a specific goal, and then reaching that goal within a few hours, provides you with a feeling of satisfaction that is well worth the effort!” Patty Young, a teacher volunteer and one of the main coordinators of the event, said.

Even if you don’t like the idea of working with people you don’t know, you can still sign up with a group of friends for the Day of Service.

“Coaches and teams were able to sign up  as a group to work on a specific site. Individual students were able to choose from the many projects, and were able to work with friends who signed up for the same project,” Young said.

The Day of Service can be a fun event to do on the weekend if you have the time and, in addition to helping your community, it has the potential to bring out talents you never knew you had.

If you are ever interested in helping to plan the Day of Service next year with the PTO, they meet every other Thursday at RB.

“I have participated in the event all four years and I’ve been on the planning committee for three,” said Morgan.