Young Life offers a new experience


Jessica Whigam

Kids at Young Life

Haley Skiera, Staff Reporter

Young Life is a club open to everyone who lives in the Riverside Brookfield area and is a high school student.

“What I do is create relationships with high school girls and get to know them and talk to them about Jesus and God and how that comes together with life,” said Young Life leader Isabelle Rogoz.

Young Life meets on Mondays at eight p.m at the Hollywood House. On Wednesdays there are campaigners at a different house each time.

“Campaigners is a little different from club… it’s more of a chill time where a bunch of high schoolers can come together and read the Bible,” said Rogoz.

In club everyone can dance, do skits, play games, and most importantly have fun. Bible verses are read and everyone talks about the meaning of it and tries to understand it.  

“We talk about the Lord every single time that we get together the goal is to talk about what life looks like with Jesus,” said Sarah Chew.

In Young Life you also take trips to various destinations. Previously Young Life has been to Wisconsin and Michigan. This year the trip will take place in Michigan again.

“We have fall weekends, like the second weekend of November we go to Lake Geneva. It’s sort of like summer camp. We also go to camp at one of the Young Life camps around the country every summer for a week,” said Chew.

Young Life consists of traveling, reading the Bible, dancing, campaigners and having fun. Though many RBHS students attend Young Life, it is not affiliated with the school.