School Psychologists – The Hidden Staff of RB

Daniel Fosselman, Staff Reporter

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Meet the RB school psychologists, Pushpa Winbush and Katey Groya. Their offices are located on the second floor, rooms 212A and 214A.

Winbush can usually be found in her office at any point during the school week, and Groya is only at RB on Thursdays and Fridays. They have both been here for two years.

“I was a psychology major in undergrad, and I just took a couple introduction to psychology classes and liked it so I decided that might be my major,” said Groya.

Groya went to University of Notre Dame for her undergraduate degree and University of Cincinnati for graduate school. While she was in college, Groya was a research assistant for a psychology professor who did a lot of research in schools and on students.

“I just really enjoyed being in a school setting, so school psychology was kind of the perfect blend of education and psychology,” said Groya.

Winbush majored in psychology at University of Delhi in India. She came to the United States for a master’s in psychology at Illinois State University.

“School psychology does not exist in India, as a field, so I learned about it when I came here to do a master’s, but my intention was clinical,” said Winbush.

She got interested in school psychology because it gave her an opportunity to work with students.

“A lot of what we do is evaluations of students with special needs, or to even determine if students have special needs,” said Winbush.

This year, a student came to Groya and asked if they could just talk with her about struggles they were having at home. Most of a school psychologist’s work is with adults, so getting to work with students is a lot of fun for them

There is more to a school psychologist than being just an outlet for venting teenage angst. Working with parents to give support if students are struggling academically, socially, or emotionally is one part of being a school psychologist.

“Prior to coming here, I have never worked in a high school setting before. I am still learning. I have definitely learned a lot about high school students, classes, curriculum. A lot to take in,“ said Winbush.

Winbush has enjoyed her time here. It has been fantastic working with people, and nothing but helpful for her.

“It is a welcoming environment. It is a great place with wonderful students and staff. It has been a pleasure to work here,” said Groya.

To Groya and Winbush, raising awareness of the school psychologists is a great thing. The school psychologists are a service open to all students at the school.

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Daniel Fosselman, Staff Reporter
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School Psychologists – The Hidden Staff of RB