Sun or Moon? That is the question.


Pokemon Moon about to be played on a 3DS

Emily Gately, Staff Reporter

On November 18, Pokemon fanatics from all over America, Canada, Japan, and Australia flocked to the nearest gaming store and bought their very own copy of “Game Freak” and Nintendo’s “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” This release is being referred to as the biggest 3DS game launch of the year.

I was one of those people, thanks to my mother, and so we ventured into Target and bought “Pokemon Moon” and enjoyed complimentary popcorn and soda that came with the game.

Traditionally, Pokemon games take place in a region much like a place on Earth and in this game we are set in a region called Alola, which is reminiscent of Hawaii. The villains of this series are a criminal organization called Team Skull who have set out to steal whatever they want. As well as a new region and bad guys to beat, we get many new Pokemon to discover on our way to becoming a Pokemon Master. “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” although different, features many of the same aspects and nearly the same plot line with the exception of the legendaries featured in each game.

Before even starting the game, I knew it would be different than all the others that had come before it and boy was I right. Right off the bat you could see that this Pokemon game implemented the use of more cut scenes to emphasize the story and as such gave off a warmer feel to the game. You could also see that the point of view drastically changed from the familiar “birds eye” that we’ve seen in past generations to second or third person. Another big fundamental change was the use of the circle pad to move as opposed to the control pad. One feature that was different and pleasantly surprised me was the ability to catch Pokemon and decide whether you wanted them in your “party” versus immediately sending them to the “PC” like in the past. Lastly, in Pokemon Sun and Moon you feel closer to the people and the Pokemon more than in past generations because of the emphasis on family and connection.

Though there are a lot of differences, some familiarity can be found in all Pokemon games no matter the generation.  The story line throughout all Pokemon games is more or less the same despite new characters and villains. In “Pokemon Sun and Moon” we are happy to see old Pokemon that we know and love from past games getting a new look in the Alola region. Lastly, we have the same Pokemon centers and Pokemarts where we can heal our Pokemon and get all the supplies we need with the added bonus of a Pokemon cafe all in one place.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the new game and don’t doubt it will be a popular gift this holiday season for children and adults.