Another one for the book: RBHS Rouser wins award


Lauren Lambros

The 2016 RBHS annual dodge ball tournament

On Wednesday, January 11, the RBHS Rouser staff earned first place in the American Scholastic Press Association yearbook competition. The staff earned first place by creating a memorable 2016 yearbook that showcased, the superbness of the staff’s writing, photography, and page design.

Every year the American Scholastic Press Associations holds a national competition for yearbooks, magazines, newspapers and other types of school publications. The main goal of the American Scholastic Press Association is to provide feedback on page design, story layout, graphics, headlining, cover design, advertising placement, and photography.

Some of the editorial staff even attended workshops on designing yearbook covers to increase their skills so that they would be better off for the competition.

However, once the staff received the results, they were thrilled that all of their hard work had payed off.

“I was overjoyed when I found out we won first place in the American Scholastic Press Association. I was an editor last year and am very proud of the book we made. Being recognized for our hard work was the best feeling,” said senior editor Maura O’Brien.

The RBHS Rouser also received a first place award during the previous year’s competition.

Placing in the first place category has always been a long-term goal of the Rouser staffs. On the shorter-term scale, their main goal this year is to increase their overall coverage and continue to create memorable yearbooks.

Last year, 55% of the of the students at RBHS were featured in the yearbooks. This year they are aiming to get 60% of the student body in the 2017 yearbook. The Rouser staff will also be celebrating their 100th year anniversary edition.

“I hope to create a yearbook this year that honors the legacy of the school and that other students can be proud of,” said O’Brien.