New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon


My copy of Pokemon Ultra Moon

Emily Gately, Staff Reporter

Everyone knows the popular game franchise of Pokemon whether they like it or not, but die hard Pokemon fans will eagerly await getting their hands on the new 3DS game that came out on November 17. Whether you are 7 or 27 you are probably within the generation that pokemon took over your childhood.

Cards became a form of currency on the bus and curious eyes peered at other kids Gameboys as they embarked on their first Pokemon adventure. To many people’s surprise, the old nostalgic game that began to take over the world in 1996 still has a strong hold on the kids and some parents of today.

After all the generations and Pokemon GO one might wonder what could Pokemon possibly still have to offer? Well, in the most recent game that came out last year, Pokemon Sun and Moon, the story took on a more plot oriented line than the other games. When the character won, so did you. The game also introduced new pokemon as well as a new island region called Alola. (More info: view website)

Needless to say, the standards are set high for the upcoming games Sun and Moon Ultra. So what should we anticipate in this new generation of Pokemon? New character outfits and Pokemon, a deeper plot, and more of the Alola region to explore.

Players can expect to see Pokemon from the last game in new “special forms” such as Lycanrock’s new dusk form. Also, Captains from Sun and Moon will reappear to challenge the player throughout the game.

This game will have the same starter Pokemon as the original Sun and Moon which includes Rowlet, Poppilo, and Litten. An interesting new feature seen in the trailer of this game is the surfing mini game where you can ride with your Pokemon on the waves of Alola.

Without spoiling too much, it is plain to see that the new game still has much new content  to offer as well as most of the features of the previous game such as the online challenges you can do with your friends and Pokemon trading.

No doubt, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will be a popular gift for all ages this year as the holidays start to come around. Get online or go to the nearest store and get this game so you can join the adventure too.