Border making a run for the cafeteria

Bryan Doyle, Staff Reporter

Are you sick and tired of RB’s cafeteria food, well does Clarion have some news for you! Starting on April 1, 2011 Taco Bell and Pizza hut will be setting up two stands in student café.

“I love Taco Bell, I’m way too stoked for Tacho to be at RB,” said senior David Tortorici

After several students had to be dismissed earlier in the month after eating the “Mystery Meat,” served in the lunchroom, the complaints filed in. Many upset parents are still unaware of ingredients as the food services refuse to release information on the subject.

The menus will be exactly identical to the one you’d find in the restaurants. Also to be introduced to the cafeteria is the “Coca-Cola Freestyle”. The freestyle is a fountain drink dispenser that offers over a hundred flavor options.

Expect the café to hit rocket numbers in the next couple weeks after the grand opening. This may be a potential problem because of the slow lines already experienced in the lunchroom.