“Bulldog Faceoff” ready for new edition

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Participants in the new RBTV show Bulldog Faceoff can find out as they put their knowledge to the test. The gameshow returns for another round after a successful campaign the previous year.

Hosted by senior Max Weiss, the game show features teams of two competing against each other in a typical game show setting. The team that won the previous point gets to select a topic from which the host, Weiss, then reads a question related to that topic. Which ever team hits the buzzer first gets the first opportunity to answer that question. If answered correctly then they receive a point, but if answered incorrectly, then the other team can answer the question.

This show based off “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” and is very competitive and very fun for most contestants.

Several prizes were awarded to the winner of the competition, including a Culvers gift card, a free haircut and a Dr. Pizza gift card. Of course, with prizes came competition and controversy last year.

In a competition last year, eventual second place finishers George Suchy and Mark Swift were facing off against Jason Flam and Madison Jordan in the first round. Flam and Jordan’s team was winning by five points with one question left, so the game was in the bag. But Weiss decided to make it interesting, so that whichever team got the question right would advance to the second round. Swift got the question right, and he and Suchy never looked back. Flam was not pleased.

“It was an interesting format, but I felt that I was unjustly served a loss,” said Flam about his first round exit. Suchy on the other hand called their last second win a “landslide victory”.

The team that turned out to be the one to beat was composed of teachers Doreen Fritz and Jennifer Waldock called “Team Tall”.  They ended up outlasting Suchy and Swift to win the tournament. They received the prizes and all the glory that accompanies winning an RBTV gameshow.

Look for new competitors and plenty of knowledge coming up. Tune into RBTV in the future to catch new episodes of Bulldog Faceoff.