Is Kimbo Out For Good?

Kimbo Slice, one of 16 of the fighters in the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter, was just knocked out of the contract deal by Roy Nelson. Nelson and Slice fought Wednesday September 30th. Slice was very humble about his fight with Nelson even though it was one of the most important fights in his career. When everybody thought Slice was just a huge meat head, he turned out to be a gentler guy as shown in the episode before the fight. Nelson was still highly confident, and was sure that he would win the fight.

 When the fight started, Slice and Nelson both looked pretty dedicated to win this bout. Slice chose his jabs wisely and played it smart other than going all out in the first round. He even ended up throwing in a kick which was an improvement for Slice. Slice threw in a good few first punches and even defended a takedown by Nelson, but then Nelson threw Slice to the octagon floor. With Nelson’s experience he knew what he was doing and went straight for the crucifix, a move in which Nelson would sit on one of Slice’s arms and throw punches at Slice. After a few hits to the face from Nelson the first round ended with Nelson in the lead.

 During the start of the second round Slice starts to throw in some good punches like the first round. Then Slice and Nelson lock up and Slice throws a knee. Nelson, recognizing that Slice has only one foot on the ground, takes him down once again. Just like in the first round Nelson puts Slice in the crucifix and after a few unanswered punches from Nelson the ref calls the round. While Nelson parades around the octagon in joy, Slice walks away in defeat knowing that his chance to be in the UFC was just taken away from him.

 With Slice out of the picture Rashad Evan’s team feels as if they are going to sweep the first round with 8 straight wins for their team. With Team Rampage 0 wins 4 losses, the whole team needs to step up their game. There is talk though that Slice may have a chance to get back into the competition. One of the fighters on Rampage’s Team, Marcus Jones, might not be able to fight. He is getting sicker every day and if it gets too bad he might not be able to compete. Slice might be tagged back in and get to redeem himself to get another chance to be the Ultimate Fighter.