Which video game character rules them all?

A single question has plagued both nerds and gamers since the dawn of time. Which video game hero is truly superior to the others?

The popular gaming website www.gamespot.com, is hosting an Internet wide poll to find out the best character ever created in a video game. The polling began at the start of September first has continued up to this point. The polling is decided using a bracket system. In the first round, there were a total of 64 heroes that were chosen to vote for, including were fan favorites such as Mario, Link, Master Chief, and Mega Man. But there were also some contestants that people had never thought possible, or even knew existed.

Some of the underdogs include Gex, a character that originates from one of the earliest N64 games, Earthworm Jim, a popular game hero from the underrated Sega Genesis system, and finally, Bub & Bod, the two lovable dinosaurs from the classic pizza parlor arcade game Bubble Bobble.

There are only two rounds left in the contest and the final round will take place during October 8-15. The final four seem to be a shoe-in. It looks as though it will be a contest of Mario vs. Samus, and Link vs. Gordon Freeman.

The Internet has been in something up an upheaval since the beginning due to some unexpected twists. Nobody thought Master Chief would get knocked out in the first round by someone most people haven’t even heard of. A trend seems to be taking place on the poll. It proves that the old will beat out the new. Almost all of the characters left on the roster are from the days of our youth.

If you have an opinion and would like to help decide the Greatest Game hero of all time, check out http://www.gamespot.com/greatest-video-game-hero/blog/index.html and vote for yourself.