Who’s next for the caped crusader

All that fans really know about the next Batman film is that Director Chris Nolan will return and that lead actor Christian Bale will almost definitely return as well. Other than that, we have no idea about what the next classic will look like, who will star in it, or what villains will be appearing. I have compiled this list of villains who would make the next movie match or even top The Dark Knight.

Bane (played by Javier Bardem) – The actor would definitely need help putting on that much muscle either by prosthetics or intense body building. The look of Bane is important, but the very dark history needs to seep through the character making him both a physical and mental threat to the dark knight.  

Deadshot (played by Thomas Jane) – He already has experience playing The Punisher and would make the transition easily. Plus with all the guns and weapons that Deadshot is known for, he needs to be played by someone who is both suave and frightening at the same time.

Firefly (Jason Statham) – I personally think that Firefly would be a thrilling villain in the next film. He is an interesting character who needs to be played by someone who knows violence and action but can also be twisted and dark. Jason plays both regularly and he would mix them in his performance well.

This next list is villains I would like to see but would never appear in a realistic movie because they are too unbelievable.

Clayface- A haunted actor whose downfall is his own vanity and now that he is down on his luck he has to resort to crime. That is an almost perfect scenario from which a really great villain could emerge, but he then becomes a giant clay monster and loses all believability.

Killer Croc- A social outcast, his mutation leads him into the sewers where he now calls home. His mutation is that he has sharp crocodile features like a large tail and forked tongue. He could be changed into a strong possibly less mutated villain, but he really looses his flair.

This is just a starting list and there are hundreds of other possibilities like Black mask, Catwoman, The Riddler, Hush or any of the others. This is just to get the fans ready to see the next film. Hopefully, whoever the next Batman villain turns out to be, the caped crusader fans know and love will be ready to defend Gotham.