Lollapalooza headliners leaked

The official line up for Lollapalooza will not be announced until sometime in April but rumors of who will be headlining the festival have already begun circulating.

Lady Gaga, Green Day and a reunited Soundgarden will be headlining the festival that will run from August 6 to August 8 this year. These rumors were first reported by the music site The Daily Swarm and the site claims that “multiple industry sources” have confirmed these rumors.

Lollapalooza lineup does have a reputation for being one of the music industry’s worst kept secret, so there is a great chance that the rumors are in fact true. The festival’s headliners were correctly revealed by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times in 2008 and 2009 before the official lineup announcement.

Lady Gaga is the possible headliner who has created the most buzz due to the fact that she does not particarly fit the mold of a Lollapalooza performer. She is not a stranger to the festival; she performed at the festival in 2007 when she was still relatively unknown.

There are also rumors that the Strokes and Arcade Fire are also going to headline the festival. The Chicago Tribune has stated that negotiations between these bands and the festival’s organizers are progressing and these reports are nearing conformation.

The Strokes are currently at work on their highly anticipated fourth album and are playing together for the first time in four years. Arcade Fire is at work on their third album and fans are hoping that they can repeat the spirited performance they gave at the festival in 2005.