Digging the Ditch

Ahh senior ditch day, a high school tradition that has been carried on for generation after generation. When given this opportunity, how can you not take days off throughout the year. It’s a must!

I know for a fact that seniors do not take advantage of this day at all. After all the hard work they put in through their high school career, they deserve to take a few days off throughout the year

It’s one of my pet peeves when people are against this. For what reasons?

Now I can see if seniors are making this a last second thing before ditching, but in this case they’re not. When planning they don’t do it improperly at all. For instance when planning on which days to ditch, they’re always picking a reasonable day such as before or after a three day weekend or any of the breaks.

Also when planning this they’re working with one of the higher faculty staff members such as the assistant principle. How can this be wrong if one of the more superior people in our school approve of this? And the teachers are informed of this situation because the students themselves tell them. Teachers all did it too; they know how this works for they will not make class plans affecting it.

Senior Mike Callahan said “Senior ditch day has been carried on for generations, so why stop now. It’s a way we get recognized for all the hard work we have put in school.”

After all seniors are still facing the punishment and paying their dues whether it’s serving a detention after school or whatever the punishment is.

Senior ditch day is a tradition that has and will be carried on for more generations to come, joining the other great high school traditions such as teepeeing the school for homecoming, senior prank, and penny throwing at freshman.