Prom 2010: A Night to Forget

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Ideally, Prom should be the greatest night of a high school student’s life. It’s full of friends, dancing, and good music. It could be the last time you and all of your friends are together having a good time.

Everything should be perfect. However, many students aren’t anticipating this year’s prom to live up to that standard.

After a lot of rumors going around the school, the announcement was finally made that Riverside Brookfield’s Prom will be held at the Carlisle Banquet Hall, not on the party boat like last year. The Student Association Prom Committee, which is made up of the junior class, has decided that a banquet hall is the best fit.

Many students’ faces were struck with disappointment after hearing this. Senior Paul Beckett said, “The Carlisle is the kind of place you just want to get married in, not have a high school prom.” Beckett’s comment is not unwarranted.  Looking at the pictures of the Carlisle, it is apparent that weddings are their specialty.

Most of the prom uproar is coming from the senior class. This may be because seniors have virtually no control over this very important night, and they feel disappointed that their senior prom night is all that it could have been.

The reasons for having prom at the Carlisle are justified. The tickets are only 55 dollars which is a significant price drop from last year’s tickets.  However, I think it’s safe to say that most students would pay a few extra dollars to be on a party boat again.

All in all, the down payment has been placed and seniors will have to ‘play the cards they have been dealt’ so to speak.


7 Responses to “Prom 2010: A Night to Forget”

  1. annie gibas on May 10th, 2010 12:53 pm

    I agree with your statement about the 2010 prom. The points you made were the same thoughts & feeling that I had. You were precise in the way you conducted your statement. I as well as some of my friends were all stunned by the news that we would be having our prom at a banquet hall, we were also upset. You spoke about last year’s prom & how it was on a boat and this year it’s just plain boring to most of us. I think that they should have chosen a better place and not somewhere that is most up to date with weddings. Also you brought up the fact that tickets are only $55 and a lot of students as well as my self would have paid more to have my prom at a better location. I think that in future years the junior class shouldn’t have the only say in this matter; it should be brought to the senior class’s attention before the decision is final. All and all you made a valid point and spoke directly to the readers about this topic.

  2. Jennifer Potokar on May 10th, 2010 12:56 pm

    Prom should not be a night to forget. It is a memorable night that should be shared with your friends.

    Seniors should have been able to choose where their prom is. That goes for any seniors any year, it is our year, we should have the choice. My sister asked where was my prom at? I told her at the Carlisle banquet hall. She told me that’s where she had her prom last year.

    Your prom night is a night that’s unforgettable. The Carlisle is nice, but a small place. There are too many seniors/ juniors to be able to roam freely in such a small amount of room.

    Seniors should be given the option next year to choose where they want to have their Prom.

  3. Lynne Bray on May 10th, 2010 12:59 pm

    I disagree with what you said. I think that the ballroom is going to be great and that last year’s prom cost way too much. The ballroom is there for events that are of elegance and things like prom. Yes that it is for nicer events but having at a nicer ballroom would be great. It is no boat under the stars but it will still be very nice. People should stop complaining and be happy they have a prom to go to.

  4. Tina Pasieta on May 10th, 2010 1:02 pm

    I totally agreed with your article. This is one of the highlights from being here for the whole four years and I was disappointed with the fact that prom was going to be at the Carlisle, just as well as everyone else is. I know that the juniors did try their best to make this a good prom for everyone, but we’re still kids, we don’t want to be in a Banquet Hall, we want to be somewhere fun, like the boat we went on last year. Since prom is more for seniors than it is for juniors, maybe the seniors should be a part of the prom comity, and actually have control. This is the last chance to have fun with all of our friends and say goodbye, the juniors have one more year to do all that, so if anyone should get to plan it, it should be the seniors so we can make our prom as perfect as it should be.

  5. vinny bam boots bannano on May 10th, 2010 1:11 pm

    I think that RBHS prom will be a night that everyone will want to forget (if they go).

    First of all the prom committee consists of students from the junior class. Prom is about the seniors and the seniors know what they want. Second of all there wasn’t any fund raising done so to keep the cost down, we have to eat and dance in some crappy banquet hall, as opposed to a nicer hotel and then boat after.

    People are going to remember their senior prom as lame. They are going to be embarrassed that they went and feel stupid that they spent fifty bucks a ticket where they will be eating chicken tenders and listening to radio Disney.

    Some solutions to these problems are to have parties afterward that include pretending it was the party of the year, find a millionaire have him put rb in his will and kill him, or have some volunteer to put it on their credit card and file bankruptcy.

  6. paul balich on May 10th, 2010 1:13 pm

    I agree with what you are saying, people in our class are a little unhappy about the banquet hall but I believe that the environment has nothing to do with how much fun the prom night can be.
    If people go to prom with a negative attitude negative things are bound to happen. Its all about how people approach things in life.
    On the other hand if you’re excited for prom and you’re looking to have a good time and not dreading the fact that were in a hall and not some fancy boat, then people are bound to have fun. In my opinion students should appreciate what is given to them because some schools don’t even have proms.
    In conclusion people should approach this in a positive manner, appreciate what they got and don’t dread over what you don’t.

  7. Karina Arias on May 10th, 2010 1:13 pm

    Prom is a night that should be fun and should be held in a place that the class of 2010 picks. It is the last prom for the seniors where it might be the last time everyone is together with their friends. I personally think as a senior that we should be able to pick where we have our prom.
    When I found out that we were having a prom at a banquet I was pretty upset. Knowing that last year they had prom in a boat I thought I was pretty unfair. I know that money is an issue but each student is paying for their own ticket. I agree that the banquet is more for weddings and anniversaries but not for a prom. I believe the class of 2010 should be able to pick were we have our prom because I know that we all want a nice place for example somewhere in downtown. When I found out where prom was going to be at I thought and told myself that prom was going to be lame. Then I started thinking it’s like anything I believe that you just have to make the best out of it. It all depends the people your with because if your with people that aren’t fun plus the place being lame then your not going to have a good time at all.
    Prom is 2 weeks away and it’s too late to change anything. I do wish we would have known where prom was going to be held at so us seniors could have done something about it. So we just have to make the best out of prom have fun and there’s always after prom where you can still go out with your friends and have fun.

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Prom 2010: A Night to Forget