Prom 2010: A Night to Forget

Ideally, Prom should be the greatest night of a high school student’s life. It’s full of friends, dancing, and good music. It could be the last time you and all of your friends are together having a good time.

Everything should be perfect. However, many students aren’t anticipating this year’s prom to live up to that standard.

After a lot of rumors going around the school, the announcement was finally made that Riverside Brookfield’s Prom will be held at the Carlisle Banquet Hall, not on the party boat like last year. The Student Association Prom Committee, which is made up of the junior class, has decided that a banquet hall is the best fit.

Many students’ faces were struck with disappointment after hearing this. Senior Paul Beckett said, “The Carlisle is the kind of place you just want to get married in, not have a high school prom.” Beckett’s comment is not unwarranted.  Looking at the pictures of the Carlisle, it is apparent that weddings are their specialty.

Most of the prom uproar is coming from the senior class. This may be because seniors have virtually no control over this very important night, and they feel disappointed that their senior prom night is all that it could have been.

The reasons for having prom at the Carlisle are justified. The tickets are only 55 dollars which is a significant price drop from last year’s tickets.  However, I think it’s safe to say that most students would pay a few extra dollars to be on a party boat again.

All in all, the down payment has been placed and seniors will have to ‘play the cards they have been dealt’ so to speak.