How the failed referendum has affected me

How the failed referendum has affected me

For better or worse, columnist Brenden Kaminski sees the effect the failed referendum is having on students and education at RB.

Brenden Kaminski, Staff Reporter

Ever since the referendum, school life has changed.  I used to have a class size of twenty, and it was wonderful. It was so easy to learn, and when the teacher spoke, everybody listened. Now, I have thirty students in a class. This makes it harder to learn and listen when the teacher is speaking.

My smallest class this year has 28 students.  With the increase, I’ve found learning to be much harder. I have another class of 35 and half the room never stops talking. It irritates me and I can’t focus. When the teacher tries to take control of class, it just gets louder, and it seems as if the only words in the class that the students will respect are their own.

I’m not saying that RB students are loud and irritating, but having larger classes give the students more power than before. With smaller classes, it seems as if the teacher is talking directly to you. It’s easier to learn because, if anyone needs help, the teacher can help that person quickly.

Another issue is sports. If charging 75 dollars to play hasn’t generated enough revenue to maintain the sport, then why not remove the sport?

Fire teachers. That’s the plan right?  So we are going to get rid of teachers, who the students are used to, and replace them with cheaper, newer teachers?  Didn’t we stop doing that decades ago? But no, let’s remove the teachers that students enjoy seeing and respect and replace them with someone who just got out of college who has very little time actually teaching. If the school is given money by the state based on test scores, is it the best idea to put in a teacher who may have problems teaching? That would just create more problems.

Everyone has been affected by the referendum this year in one way or another, be it SEE  Team or a club being cut, losing a teacher, or paying for a sport.  At the time the referendum was being held, I didn’t think much about it, because I had no idea it would change so much. Now I wish things could go back to normal.  It was so much easier to learn, it was quieter and it even seemed easier for the teachers to teach.