Kathleen Gannon

Kathleen Gannon, Staff Reporter

Kathleen Gannon is a part of the class of 2024 and is in the girl up club. She spends her time watching Bones and annoying her friends. She has a dog that her parents love more than her and a younger brother at RB who acts like she doesn’t exist. She hates bananas and blue cheese with a passion. Bananas and blue cheese has to be the worst edible food in the entire universe in all of time. On the weekends she spends the entire time mostly sleeping and procrastinating homework for as long as she can. She went to middle school at S.E Gross and doesn’t have a taste in music. She only enjoys roller coasters if her best friend, who usually is very calm and cold, is terrified of it more than she is. Watching her face turn into pure fear is more exhilarating than the actual rollercoaster itself for her. This also applies to horror movies, psychological and thriller both. She personally gets extremely terrified and horrified of horror movies, but the fear completely dissipates into laughter the moment she sees one of her friends screaming or in a state of shock.

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Kathleen Gannon