Left 4 Dead has not been left for dead

As Halloween approaches, so do the inevitable swarm of flesh hungry zombies. Just in time for the scary season, Valve Software’s mega-hit Left 4 Dead has released new content for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Left 4 Dead is all about Co-Op, whether it’s two players or four players. The new content stays true to that, but it is more focused on a streamlined versus experience where there are two teams of four (four survivors and four infected). It will also support the survival game mode where swarms of the undead constantly bombard you and three other survivors until your inevitable demise.

The new campaign entitled “Crash Course” connects the first two campaigns of the story. After you escape the zombie infested Mercy Hospital in a helicopter it soon crashes in the outskirts of Riverside, and your objective is to make your way through the infested town to escape safely in a fortified bus.

Consider “Crash Course” to be a shot of adrenaline to your zombie killing experience. It’s a great two chapter campaign that only lasts about thirty minutes but should hold your appetite until Left 4 Dead 2 hits the shelves this November.

Left 4 Dead is arguably the best zombie apocalypse video game to ever be released and Crash Course only extends the zombie killing romp that we all know and love.