Gone Gaga or just plain crazy?

Trent Baer, Staff Reporter

This Saturday marked the end of a week long celebration of the pop sensation Lady Gaga, the title character of RB’s 2010 Homecoming. In a world that is no longer impressed with synchronized dance moves and computerized harmonies, Lady Gaga has maintained public interest by consistently out doing herself in more elaborate and controversial ways. Not content to wear clothes like most human beings, Gaga has taken to adorning herself with oddly sexualized everyday objects, in what I assume must be an attempt to seduce an Autobot.

 While I am unsure of the laws behind human-robot relations, I am sure that the poster child for this fad should not be the role model we set for our highschool. As a performer, she has been anything but true to herself. At Lollapalooza 2007, the then “normal” Lady Gaga performed a creative, albeit partially clothed concert. Just three years later, Gaga came back to show Chicago’s iconic rock festival exactly what she had become: a media prostitute. She changed who she was in order to gain attention. She sold herself to the tabloids.

Is that the lesson we want to teach RB? If you’re not popular the way you are, change yourself? Sell out?

 As far as music goes, at the very least you can call hers creative, and at the very worst you can label it sexually explicit. “Poker Face”, “Love Game” and “Bad Romance” are all either dripping in innuendo, or soaked in blatant sexual references. In a world that is already filled to the tipping point with explicit media, we really do not need one more voice telling us that it’s okay to do what you want; morals are dead.

 In recent years, RBHS has been shown the negative effects of a lack of morals. As the old African proverb goes, “Look not where you fell, but where you tripped.”

Well, we had been tripping for a long time, but now I think we have officially hit the ground.