Legal means of happiness and NO TOUCHING

Legal means of happiness and NO TOUCHING

Hand holding is okay, groping is not.

Kelly Kramer, A&E Manager

We’ve all seen it. Hopefully, we haven’t all done it.

Public displays of affection, otherwise known as PDA, have been rampaging through the halls of RB. Couples seem to be incapable of keeping their hands and mouths off of each other for the duration of our five minute passing periods, and it’s really rather sickening.

Every day during every passing period, I see at least one couple doing things that really ought not to be done in the hallways of a school. You want to hold hands? Fine. You want to hug? Alright. But there is absolutely no need for the near groping when chances are, after 52 minutes, said couples will be back together and commencing the groping once more.  

“Nothing good comes from touching. That’s kind of extreme, but I just don’t need to see it. It shouldn’t have a presence in the building,” said English teacher Wendy Cassens.

It seems to be becoming a big problem here. Teachers are noticing and they don’t like the PDA either. I don’t understand why anyone would even want their teachers to see them kissing.

Not only does PDA disgust those that are forced to bear witness to it, but it must be embarrassing for the couples to be told numerous times by teachers to stop. Furthermore, what about going to class? Passing periods are only five minutes long, I don’t see how they find the time to do anything but go to their locker and go to class.

“[They should] do it on their own time,” said senior Abby Willinger.

If I see a couple making out on the street somewhere, chances are, I’ll still be trying to hold back the last thing I ate, but at least it’s not in a school. A school is an establishment for learning and socializing, and no one really needs that distraction.