Fall clothing season and the real “senior swag”

Fall clothing season and the real senior swag

Brittany Brewer, Staff Reporter

In case you haven’t felt it yet, the crisp fall air has returned and so have fall clothes! So ladies, feel free to pull on those colored jeans that are getting more and more popular and step outside and take it in. Guys, hoodie season is back too so don’t forget your favorite one the next time you go out.

September 22nd marked the first official day of fall and Mother Nature swung in just in time. This year, seniors had the option of ordering some brand new “senior swag” through Jostens when they purchased their caps and gowns for graduation this spring. But what really is the senior’s “swag”?

Purple, pink, green, royal blue, white, coral- the list could probably keep going of all the different colored jeans that are being worn now. Along with colored jeans came printed jeans. Now those run across the board and designers have really no boundaries with them. But, these trendy jeans have actually been worn very creatively. There were many girls during homecoming week and even on our “spirit Fridays” who have decided to pair royal blue jeans with a white tee! Doesn’t get much more school spirited than that. Also the absolute favorite, yoga pants, has returned!

Guys can never go wrong with a hoodie but then again no one can! College wear, bulldog wear, band merchandise and other various hoodies can always be seen on someone in the hallways. A simple v-neck has pulled up to be the crowd favorite, as well as skinny jeans paired with a favorite pair of kicks. Overall, the guys like to shoot for comfort and keep it simple.

So everyone, feel free to pull out your favorite jacket, grab some cocoa and enjoy the fall weather because before we know it we’ll be looking at snow on the ground instead of leaves.


Featured in this article: Seniors Eric Loury, Bianca Buczko, Megan Baisden, Liz George, Ian O’Day, Packey Flannery, Nic Sorrentino, Tim Thor Larsen, Celia Skvaril, Karen Fucinato, Jake Buckley, Micheal Hornung, Paul Labarbera, Mona Novikas, and Stephanie Lambruschini.