No thanks for Thanksgiving

Ethan Gallegos

When November hits everyone starts to think Christmas presents. Then it leads to decorations then Christmas music, and it is a huge hulabaloo.  This happens every year. That is good and all but people forget one big thing, Thanksgiving. Now I know everyone still celebrates Thanksgiving but it always feel like a side holiday compared to Christmas.   With Thanksgiving already past it feels like it was so long ago since it happened. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, takes away the thunder right away and leaves Thanksgiving in the dust.

I am a huge fan a Christmas. I enjoy presents just as much as the next guy, but I think it should be celebrated after thanksgiving. I am not saying to switch your way of celebrating holidays, but give Thanksgiving more honor and respect. After all, it does feed you.

My thanksgiving was very small but I enjoyed it very much. Though being a vegetarian and not being able to eat turkey, I still ate like no tomorrow. Sitting around the table with family, eating good food and just hanging out and talking, there is nothing better. Football is always on during Thanksgiving, and to me, it is a perfect complement to such a great holiday.

Not only is the dinner tasty you have the good ol’ desert to have afterward. It could be the pumpkin pie, French silk pie, lemon squares and even those oh so delectable grandmother’s cookies. When all the commotion of making dinner and eating was done my family sat down and played quite an intense game of Apples to Apples. That is what thanksgiving is about, no different than Christmas: giving thanks for what you have and spending quality time with your family.

So though Thanksgiving has passed, be sure to tell it “thank you” next time it comes around.