Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs


Dennis “The King of America” Ryan has single handedly created professional wrestling and wrote every single song DMX ever made. Specializing in the art of becoming a Super Saiyan, he is bringing raw power and all the swag to the RB Clarion. With such achievements as defeating Cthulhu in a cage match, finishing the rubix cube from “Hellraiser”, beating Mega Man without using the special weapons, watching the Star Wars Holiday Special 3 times and defeating Shaq, Kobe, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Dennis Rodman, LeBron and every Harlem Globetrotter ever at once in a game of 21, he is splashing his flavor all over this newspaper and proving that the sauce is boss.   Dennis Ryan is a senior and is all new to Clarion this year. He can be reached at [email protected] and at various Yu-gi-oh tournaments sending nerds to the shadow realm.

Dennis Ryan, Staff Reporter

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Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs