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Isabel Hughes
Isabel Hughes is a very hard to find person. She is usually out on assignment doing something like scaling the walls of the North Korean and Cuban embassies to get top secret information for her articles. If not, then she is probably crying at her computer because no one ever answers their emails. Note: she determines what kind of a person someone if based on how quickly they respond to emails. In her free time, Isabel goes on exotic trips to places like the Middle East. Here she performs surgery on injured people in near-death states. Everything she does on these trips is much more intense than what is seen on Grey’s Anatomy. Isabel is very excited for her second year on Clarion and her first as a story editor. Isabel is a sophomore at RB and is on Varsity Golf, badminton, and is a Student Athletic Trainer. During spring, summer, and fall, she spends her days working at Riverside Golf Club as a caddie. She volunteers at La Grange Hospital when golf is not in season. Isabel also plays the cello for the philharmonic orchestra at West Suburban Youth Orchestra. For her enjoyment, Isabel plays piano, which she has played for the past 10 years, and polishes her speech skills. Isabel can be reached at [email protected]

Isabel Hughes, Story Editor

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Apr 17, 2017
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Dec 25, 2015
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Dec 17, 2015
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Dec 29, 2015
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Nov 11, 2015
Crossing the country for what they love (Story)
Oct 27, 2015
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Chromebooks; not your traditional book (Story/Photo)
Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs