Michael Fanta
Before you see Michael’s bio, you will see his terrible picture.  Why are all of his pictures so bad?  Who knows?   The camera gods are never kind to him... but that’s not what you came for.  You came to read his bio to see if it would help you write yours.  Or, you’re just looking around on this website.  If so, welcome.  Now, let’s get started. Before going to high school, he quit being a rocket scientist at NASA to fulfill his dream of going to RB to write for the Clarion.  He was also a personal consultant to President Obama about all things scientific.  In his spare time, he works on a cure for cancer, but not before figuring out how to bring about world peace.  Oh, and don’t forget about the time he won a Nobel Peace Prize, he keeps it in his locker, good luck getting in.

Michael joined the Clarion as a freshman during the 2015-2016 school year.  Michael is also a Boy Scout and will be achieving Eagle rank this year.  Michael loves to write, research, and debate. He also loves to swim and dive.  You can contact Michael at [email protected]

Michael Fanta, Staff Reporter

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