Nate Navarro
Nate is lowkey the world's biggest savage and isn’t even in Clarion. He just wanted to have a bio about himself but keep it on the low. He has no Netflix account so he just chills out at his house.  Nate really likes fruit, but starfruit is his favorite. He is always stocked up on mints and gum. It is the biggest necessity in life. At night, he is a club DJ in Las Vegas. His real name isn’t Nate though. It is... Big Nate. After all,  when you are only 5’4’", you’re super tall. Literally a walking tree. He is also "Nate the Great." He has become one with the power of roasting. He is also a swag master and always looks on point. Too dank to be lit. He can be reached [email protected].

Nate Navarro, Staff Reporter

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