Nicolette O’Keefe
Yep, she may look normal. But deep down inside - way deep down - she’s just weird. That is why she is now retiring from being a volunteer stunt double for Norman Reedus in Season 7 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” after a serious injury during a cliff diving stunt onto a rock. It looked pretty real, because it was real, for effect. Currently, she is still recovering from one wound: decapitation from her own arm as she dabbed on the way down the cliff. Now, as sophomore at RBHS, she has randomly decided to join the Clarion. Pretty cool… Surprisingly, she does have a source of income: professionally dealing VIP tickets for Streetlight Manifesto. Those that do not know this band... for shame, for they have not had a life yet. Those who have, congrats! Instant friends. In conclusion, join Clarion. It's great. This is her first year in any school newspaper and… that is Nicky. One last thing: her favorite app is the weather app.

If you want to, contact her at [email protected]. Just be warned...

Nicolette O'Keefe, Staff Reporter

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