Randall Haywood
Randall Haywood, the first man to land on Mars and meet the first alien there.  He went back to Earth and pursued his dream job of becoming a race car driver.  All of his friends and family remember his name because of the movie Monsters Inc.  and because no one has the same name because Randall isn’t really that popular of a name, which is fine with him because his name can never be confused with anyone else.  Anyways, back into reality.  Randall Haywood is a sophomore at RBHS who is also on the football team.  This is his first time in Clarion and he's going to try to make the best of Clarion because he likes how there’s always a Food Friday where someone brings in a treat for the whole class and he feels that is a good way to end school on a Friday going into a weekend.  If you need to contact him, email him at [email protected].

Randall Haywood, Staff Reporter

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