Zackary Schejbal
Life in a COD veteran

by Zackary Schejbal

Narrator: Zackary had been to the bleach store to be cleansed. Some raging 5 year old squeakers annoyed him, and the great COD veteran fell into blind rage. Now Zackary was as good as new, be he was still agitated about squeakers.

Zackary: I rather not play with them.

Narrator: He mumbled to himself. But the squeakers sang songs rude and loud. XxFaZe_No0BxX, their leader, led the chorus.

Squeakers and XxFaZe_No0BxX: Zackary's no pro at all, thinks he's very good at playing, says that he can defeat us, that's the best lie ever, when he tells us what to do, with the greatest hopes, we just push him to rage, Pop Goes Old Zacky!

Narrator: Tristan, Bryn and David were shocked.

Tristan: Shut up, squeakers!

Narrator: They calmly said, but they couldn't shut them up, and everywhere they tried, the squeakers began again.

Squeakers: Zackary's no pro at all, thinks he's very good at playing, says that he can defeat us, that's the best lie ever!

Narrator: At last the veterans gave up.

Tristan: We're sorry, Zackary.

Narrator: They said.

Zackary: It's really my fault.

Narrator: Said Zackary sadly.

Zackary: I shouldn't fallen into the rage fit.

Narrator: Asuka, Zackary’s girl, felt sorry for Zackary too. Next morning, she spoke to Nathan.

Asuka: I'm worried, Mr. Nathan. This disrespect for veterans. Where's it going to end?

Nathan: Who knows?

Narrator: Sighed Nathan.

Asuka: I've got a plan, Mr. Nathan. May I stay here tonight and help Zackary? We're both veterans, and must stand together.

Nathan: Certainly, Asuka.

Narrator: Replied Nathan and left the server. Soon, Asuka was explaining her plan.

Bryn: Goodness gracious, Asuka. I don't think you should suggest such a thing to Zackary.

Narrator: But Zackary interrupted.

Zackary: No, Bryn, Asuka's right. It's really my fault. I must put this right.

Asuka: I meant no disrespect you understand.

Zackary: Of course not, Asuka. Anywhere, Treyarch says the same and they’ve arranged with the server managers.

Bryn: Very well, Zackary.

Narrator: Conceded Bryn.

Bryn: But I must hurry. My clan is waiting to raid. Good luck.

Zackary: So long.

Narrator: Smiled Zackary bravely, but he felt dreadfully nervous inside. Zackary marshaled with the COD admins 2 by 2.

Asuka: That's the way, Zackary.

Narrator: Whispered Asuka.

Asuka: And if you hadn't leave XxFaZe_No0BxX till last, then you'll have him behind you. You can bump him if he starts his nonsense.

XxFaZe_No0BxX: Hold back, hold back!

Narrator: Whispered XxFaZe_No0BxX.

XxFaZe_No0BxX: And pass the word to the others.

Narrator: The stupid squeakers giggled, but Zackary knew what to do. There was plenty of power in his hacked weapon and his gun was reloaded. He started the lesson.

XxFaZe_No0BxX: What the?!

Narrator: Yelled XxFaZe_No0BxX.


Bryn: Go on! Show that kid his place!

Narrator: Cheered Bryn.

Bryn: Well done, brother, well done!

XxFaZe_No0BxX: COME ON!!

Narrator: Screamed XxFaZe_No0BxX.

XxFaZe_No0BxX: I'm done! SCREW THIS CRAP!

(XxFaZe_No0BxX leaves the server)

Narrator: And he did. Then there was some trouble.

COD Controller: Well, Zackary, so you finally defeated that skrub, is that it?

Zackary: Yes, sir. I did what was needed to destroy his ego.

Narrator: Said Zackary proudly. The COD Controller investigated into XxFaZe_No0BxX.

COD Controller: As I thought. Annoying voice, under age toddler. Maybe if we ban you from COD, you'll learn yourself some respect for veterans.

Narrator: Nowadays, Zackary only takes on squeakers when the other members were busy. But they always quick to warn each other.

Squeakers: Don’t screw with Mr. Zackary. If you mess with him, you'll never be proud of yourself ever again!

Narrator: XxFaZe_No0BxX has never been heard from on Call of Duty ever again due to him raging so hard, he broke his headset and being banned from Call of Duty.

If you wish to contact me, you can contact to me at [email protected]

Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2018
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