The Office: Paper Airplanes


Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

I want to start this review by saying that the ending of this episode made it one of the best in the entire nine seasons of the show.

Not only was the episode funny, but it made me cry tears of joy at the same time.

One of the plots revolved around the employees having a paper airplane contest with a grand prize of $2000. Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) was so determined to win he bought his plane off of Craigslist. Kevin is yet another one of my favorite characters and every plot involving him has always been hilarious.  Things also seemed to heat up between Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsley). Dwight tried to throw the competition for Angela to win and I think this foreshadowed a bigger upcoming plot for the two. I predict that the big wedding that creator of the show Greg Daniels has been mentioning in interviews will be Dwight and Angela’s. If proven true, it’ll be a very satisfying end for them and delight the fans.

In another subplot of the show, Andy got his first acting gig in a science safety video. He was accompanied to the shoot by his agent played by Roseanne and Darryl (Craig Robinson). All of these scenes were absolutely hilarious and all of the actors did a great job. I also really hope Andy gets a legitimate role in a movie soon because that’s where he belongs.

In what was probably my favorite moment of this season, it seems like Jim and Pam’s marriage will be okay.

As Jim went to leave for Philly, he left his umbrella on his desk. Despite it being a bright and sunny day, Pam ran out to give it to him. Before she went back in side, Jim ran up to her, kissed her and the scene flashed back to their wedding with Michael and and the rest of the staff watching.

This flashback made everything that’s been wrong seem right. It was a very satisfying, emotional moment for fans and it made me weep for exactly 12 minutes. (Yes, I counted.)

Stay tuned for more reviews! There are three episodes left before the series finale May 16.