Play N’ trade: Good Games, Great Times

“Play N’ Trade” is a unique video game store that opened a few months ago but hasn’t gathered the interest and popularity it deserves. The Hodgkin located store is one of only sixteen in Illinois. The store’s focus is on everything video game related.

The store sells videogames, game systems, and accessories. But what sets it apart from other video game stores is it’s collection of used and “retro” games.

“We buy back old and used games from customers. The amount of money we give them depends on the rarity, popularity, and condition of the games,” Dan Yelen, an employee at “Play N’ Trade” said. “We don’t take old sports games anymore because there is no market for them. But we will want old games that are really good and rare.”

All the used games are marked down in price compared to brand new games, and you can get 10% off for being a member. Membership is $10 yearly and gives you opportunities like getting a certain percentage off certain items in the store.

But its Play N’ Trade’s impressive gallery of “retro” material that will really speak to old school gamers. They have old systems for sale that include the original ancient Nintendo to newly made “retro” systems like a system that plays super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games on the same system. They also have the standards of “retro” gaming including Nintendo 64s, Playstations and Playstation 2’s, original Xboxes, and all the different kinds of Segas. And with shelves full of games for all these old school systems, you’re bound to rediscover some timeless classics.

“It’s nice for people who didn’t have these games as kids or people who want to relive games they loved. Some of the best games came out for these retro systems,” Yelen said.

But “Play N’ Trade” isn’t just unique because of its vast collection of old and new video games, they also offer one of a kind disc repairs.

“It’s nice because a lot of people’s favorite games could be too scratched to play.” Yelen said.

Along with disc repair, they also repair broken systems including Xbox 360’s “Red ring of death,” a hardware or internal error that causes the Xbox 360 power button to flash red lights instead of the normal green light when powered on. When this happens the system will crash and not power on or function. This famous incident has claimed most original Xbox 360s.

Another unique feature at “Play N’ Trade” is that the customers are given the option of trying out videogames before they purchase them. They have systems set up in a part of the store called the “Player’s Club” where you can play games or compete in bi-weekly tournaments.

“Some stores don’t even have a description of the game, so (customers) could end up buying a game they don’t want. But at ‘Play N’ Trade’ that wont happen.” Yelen said.

“Play N’ Trade” is a truly unique store that I’d recommend to anyone who invests in videogames in any way. Whether you’re looking for a new or used game or even a game from twenty years ago. there’s no better place to look.