Library renews interest in Abe Lincoln reading contest

Library renews interest in Abe Lincoln reading contest

The Abe Lincoln contest at RB now focuses several student breakfast gatherings.

Rebecca Rusiecki, Staff Reporter

This year, the school library introduced the new Abe Lincoln Reading contest. The contest kicked off with a breakfast hosted in the library for all the participants on October 5th. The contest will run throughout the rest of the school year.

The contest, sponsored by the library, is open to all RB students as well as staff. Participants read and blog about books from the Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award list, a group of books chosen by librarians, students and teachers as some of the best books for teens. Students may also blog about the books they have read through the contest’s website. There are a total of twenty-two books on the list this year. Well known titles on this year’s list include Beastly by Alex Flinn and The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

This is the first year the contest has been held, and the librarians have included many creative ideas and incentives to encourage students to participate. This includes the addition of new prizes, such as iTunes gift cards, ear buds and the grand prize Amazon Kindle. It will be given to the participant who has read the most books by the end of the year.

In addition to this, three parties will be held throughout the year for participants.

“We have had daily announcements, sent out flyers and bookmarks to parents during open house, and passed out bookmarks to students in their English classes. It is also posted on the school website,” said English teacher, Allison Cabaj, who is co-running the contest with school librarian, Alicia Duell.

This year, fifty students and six staff members are participating in the Abe Lincoln Reading contest.

“I like reading and think I can benefit from the contest, and I want to win a Kindle,” said Sophomore Karely Moncada, who is participating in the Abe Lincoln Reading contest this year.

Though the contest has already begun, students still have the opportunity to join. “Students can visit our blog or they can come into the library and ask us how to sign up. It’s not too late to join,” said Cabaj.