Julia Buffo

Julia Buffo, Staff Reporter

Julia Buffo. An echidna, or was it an enigma? No, definitely an echidna. Julia Buffo, an echidna by day, dragon slayer by night. Every night, except for school nights, the echidna wanders the wilds, punching pigs to death and eating their pork chops. A ruthless killer, the echidna slays all in her path while enjoying the sweet taste of victory with a side of tater tots. Echidna’s really like tater tots. Echidna’s also really like talking about themselves in the third person. Echidna’s are nocturnal creatures, not daring to emerge during the light of day unless hunger overwhelms the desire to stay in their den. Echidna’s enjoy very refined tastes; only the finest tater tots shall grace the face of perfection that belongs to the echidna. Echidna’s will never be seen without their hoodie on for they are rendered helpless and unable to function without the warm embrace of a hoodie and the convenience of a kangaroo pouch for storing snacks, writing utensils and the occasional guinea pig for safe keeping.

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Julia Buffo