Lucky duckies helped by Eco Club

Lucky duckies helped by Eco Club

Three of RB’s courtyard ducks get ready to cross the threshold into the building. Eco Club students “herded” the ducks using large squares of cardboard.

Watch the release of RBHS" ducks from the courtyard, courtesy of Eco Club.

Isabel Peña and Hannah

Isabel Peña and Hannah Pecis, Staff Reporters

On Thursday, September 23, Eco Club released a family of ducks that had nested in the courtyard of the school. This family of ducks has been there since the ducklings were born last year. The ducks had once been a family of 11. However, due to unsafe conditions and lack of resources, the ducks have had a hard time surviving and are now a family of five. Eco club decided to remove the ducks from the courtyard and bring them to Baseball Woods, a more open and natural area.

“Eco Club has been around since the late 1980’s,” said sponsor of Eco Club, Dave Monti. They continue to help their local environment in various ways.

Kylie O’Connell, a second-year Eco Club participant, said, “We have four service projects planned and first one is this October.”

Monti said, “We are also working in the garden project with the Eco Schools project. Plus weekly Terracycling in the cafeteria.” All of this is volunteer work done by the students on their own time.

The purpose of Ecology Club is to spread environmental awareness and extend educational opportunities through Ecology and Environmental Science. They have weekly discussions concerning environmental topics and issues in the world today. The club has avoided being cut despite originally being left out of the budget.  After great deliberation, the school board decided to keep the club in order to help with the school’s green goal. This club is the only opportunity that the students have to help the environment through the school since the SEE Team was cut.

The most recent way that this club has helped the community was by escorting the ducks from the courtyard to Baseball Woods. They held white poster board and made a pathway to the doors leading outside.  It took a lot of time and effort but the job did get done. It took the effort of the entire club working as a team along with co-sponsor Jame Holt and Monti.