Start planning your summer activities

Summer is just around the corner and with the school year almost over, start to think about different camps to do over the summer at RB and around your community.

Courtesy of Ms. Harsy

Summer is just around the corner and with the school year almost over, start to think about different camps to do over the summer at RB and around your community.

Christine Vassos, Staff Reporter

It is always a nice sign to see bathing suits out in the store with flip flops and pool supplies, along with also seeing different summer school classes, camps, and programs offered through RB and around the community.  If you are starting to get the itch to plan your summer break, then there are many local activities to keep you busy all summer long.

Sign up begins April 6 and ends May 17 for all RB summer classes, camps, and courses, so sign up early to reserve your spot.  All the summer courses do have a fee and there are many options to sign up for.  Go to the RBHS home website and click the Academics tab on the left and go to Summer Academic Program 2013 to see a full list of the summer programs offered this summer.

Here are some non-credit courses being offered at RB over the summer:

If you are fifteen years old by June 4, then you are able to sign up for Drivers Education at RB.  Everyone is excited to get behind the wheel and to get their permit so they can start driving to get their driver’s license then.  This course will offer a classroom setting on learning the rules and material needed to drive and also behind the wheel sessions to have the students get the experience of driving with an instructor.

If you are a junior who will be a senior starting Fall 2013 then consider Camp College.  This is a great college prep class to help make the process a little bit easier.  This class will help with your college search and application process.  There will be many college topics covered such as the FAFSA.  This class will help narrow done your college search and give you many helpful college tips, along with maybe going on a college tour one day.

RB is also offering some for-credit summer cousres as well.  With for-credit courses, you can use the summer to work towards fulfilling your graduation requirements.  This can give you a head start so you do not have to take certain classes during the school year.  Health Education is open to all Sophomores and is a required class.  It focuses on fitness, life skills, nutrition, mental health, and self-esteem.  US Government 12 is offered to Seniors only and is also a graduation requirements.  The classes will focus on the US political system, politics in general, and the US and Illinois Constitutions.

If sticking around RB is not for you, there are also camps and activities offered around the community that can keep you busy.

Go to your local libraries and sign up for the summer reading programs at one of them.  Many of the programs are offered to students who are eighteen and younger.  If you like reading and do so anyways over summer, then record your reading hours and turn in your reading logs to get prizes.  Sign up and get rewarded for your reading!

Also there are many volunteer options around the community that are available.  One place that is always looking for more volunteers, especially during the summer is the Brookfield Zoo.  If you are interested just go to their web site and there is a list of different volunteer options that are needed.

Interested students could also sign up for a fitness club, like LA Fitness, or join a YMCA over the summer and see if they like it.  Consider taking a fun class such as Zumba, yoga, or swimming.  Summer can become more fun and a little healthier at the same time.

There are so many camps and activities that can keep you busy all summer long both offered through RB and around the community.  Start thinking how you want to fill your summer up because it will be here before you know it.