Looking back at Homecoming 2014-15

RB students cheering during the assembly.

Clarion Staff, Clarion Staff

Now that Homecoming 2014 is over, relive the fairy-tale story of the week here at Clarion.  Browse through our slideshow of all the key events, look back at the assembly and the talent show, read Clarion’s editorial commentary on the election of Josh Sylvie and Kate Kosner as King and Queen of Homecoming, and more.  Homecoming week was a great time to be a Bulldog!


INTERACTIVE MAP:  Homecoming 2014-15 – Jessica Van Winkle

Homecoming means magical night for RB – Caitie Rusen

No more toilet papering for Homecoming – Steven Baer

Negative points can mean positive spirit – Robby Filec, Andrew Pilewski

We just couldn’t wait for him to be king Staff Editorial