Herpetologist talks animals with Zoology class

Candice Shelbrack


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This Fall, RBHS Zoology students got to walk with the animals and talk with the animals.  In what has become an annual event, a local animal expert joined the class to help them meet some local wildlife and get their questions answered.  Clarion was there to take in the sights.

About the Videographer
Candice Shelbrack, Media Editor
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Candice Shelbrack is a returning staff reporter for the Clarion. She is known for her outstanding ability to outwit any writer of her time. It has been said that in just one breath, she can write an award-winning story of a thousand words. People idolize her to such an extent that they believe they are unworthy of her presence.

An addition, Shelbrack enjoys playing sports such as tennis, volleyball, and soccer. She is active in the arts, which include photography, drawing and painting.

Candice Shelbrack can be reached by e-mail [email protected].

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Herpetologist talks animals with Zoology class