The rise of Dubstep

The rise of Dubstep

October 25, 2011

Kings of Leon – Pyro

Anthony Scianna, Content Editor

November 19, 2010

“Pyro” is a soft song similar to “Knocked Up” off of 2007’s “Because of the Times” or “Milk” off of “Aha Shake Heartbreak”. The verses start soft and build into the chorus which coasts at a soft effective...

Q&A: Principal Pam Bylsma

Ethan Gallegos, Layout Manager

October 4, 2010

Pam Bylsma is now several weeks into the beginning of her first year as the principal of Riverside Brookfield High School.  In an exclusive audio interview, Clarion took some time to hear about her background, her philosophy of supervi...

“Put Me Back Together” Weezer

July 10, 2009

Following one of the biggest songs on the album is tough. But to me, “Put Me Back Together” not only one ups “Can't Stop Partying”, but it’s also the best track on the album. It features a vulnerable Rivers singing about...

“I Don’t Want to Let you Go” Weezer

July 10, 2009

The closer of the album is another song that originally appeared on River’s second solo album. It’s the softest song on the albumand follows  the two loudest songs on the album. It’s very simple and to the point and kind...

Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs