Q&A: Has this been a tough job, Dr. Skinkis?

Q&A:  Has this been a tough job, Dr. Skinkis?

Before coming to RBHS, Dr. Kevin Skinkis was the Principal at Bartlett High School.

Danielle Sanchez, Content Editor

Dr. Kevin Skinkis has now been RB’s superintendent for almost a semester. He has faced a number of challenges, including a divided school board with four newly elected members, the financial aftermath of a failed referendum campaign, on top of simply the experience of being a new chief administrator.

Clarion got a chance to talk to him about his time here so far, and the challenges and experiences he has gone through.

How has your experience at RBĀ been so far?


Has it been everything you expected it to be?


What has been the hardest part?


What difficulties have you come across?


What changes have you faced being superintendent for the first time?


What kinds of changes do you wish to make to the school?


What can you say about any upcoming referendums?


How do you think the school is dealing with the referendum not passing?


What have you seen that has impacted the students directly?


What plans do you have for the future of RB?