The rise of Dubstep

The rise of Dubstep

Danny Blackburn, Staff Reporter

Recently, while out with my friends, I had been hearing a strange new type of music. I did not know what it was, so I asked my friends and they informed me that it was a new genre of music called Dubstep. It resembled electronic music, and it was very enjoyable to listen too. I started listening to it more and more, and soon I was hooked. Dubstep had an effect on me; it could boost me up or bring me down.

After a while, I began to wonder why Dubstep could practically change my mood. So I did a little research. Turns out, that Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that has been on the rise for the last decade. This explains why I always want to dance when I hear it. As I researched more, I found out that it originated in London in the late 1990’s. The music was put together with a variety of Bass lines, drum patterns and overwhelming sounds. When meshed together, the new underground form of music was created.

Within the next half decade, many people started to realize the potential of the new genre and started creating their own mixes and music. Today, those same musicians are making millions of dollars producing and playing their music. Artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 have swept the music industry by surprise. Even other artists, in different genres of music have started to incorporate Dubstep into their music.

Riverside Brookfield High school was hit by the new wave of Dubstep as well. Over the last year it became more and more popular. If you walked around and looked at RB students iPods, I guarantee you would find one, if not more Dubstep songs on them. Looking into the future, I suspect Dubstep will continue to grow in popularity. But for now, Dubstep is just the new hip genre of music, with the potential for bigger and better things.