Shenanigans improv troupe has a second act

RB’s new improv troupe The Shenanigans will be hosting their second show ever on Friday and Saturday, the 28th and 29th. The Shenanigans’s first show in January, “It Tastes Like Paint” turned out to be a huge success, selling out entirely and leaving the audience asking for more.

The new show, “Orange You Glad We Didn’t Say Paint,” will be performed in the same manner as the first, except with new twists and ideas. Improv Troupe President Zeyne Guzelderli said, “We do improv, but we also write loose sketches that are improvised on. We have a set scene to start with, but it is different every time.”

The new concepts and ideas for the show aren’t being released in detail, but Guzelderli did say, “We are trying a bunch of new games that we’ve never done before, and we are starting with a scene unlike any other scene we’ve performed before. Were giving it a fresh feel, but bringing back the elements that people loved.”

The Shenanigans are an improvised comedy troupe started this year by Guzelderli and senior Olivia Tortiumi and sponsored by drama teacher Melissa Briskman. They practice every Wednesday after school and after improv club, (many of the troupe memebers participate in both). During their practices, they work on acting skills and improvising techniques by playing theater games, designed to improve on improvisation skills and reflexes.

Discussing his decision to join the troupe, junior Paul Landahl said, “Mrs. Briskman suggested the troupe to me, and I decided to try it, it’s helped me as an actor.” Landahl said one of his favorite memories since joining the Shenanigans was when fellow Troupe member Jacob Palkam, “walked in the classroom in a pink dress, high heels, and a wig, and yelled what are you all looking at!”

“You’re not a person if you’re not acting,” said Landahl.

The Troupe is enthusiastic about this month’s upcoming show. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from teachers. We sold out last time, and we are hoping to do the same this time,” said Guzelderli.

The Shenanigans have much reason to be enthusastic. In their first show, they proved to be quite successful. Though it is too soon to be making assumptions, it is likely this month’s show will be as popular as the first one, if not more so.

Briskman said, “It’s the first year.  It’s definitely been kind of a trial run, but it has been very successful and its let us know what we need to be more successful next year”.  Briskman confirmed plans for next year by saying, “We are hoping to have at least two shows at RB next year, and hopefully some shows outside of the building.” Coffee shop performances are a possibility. Briskman also added that an election would be held in the future to elect new leaders for next year’s troupe and that auditions would be held for new troupe members.

Briskman noted that the shows are improvised, and will be similar but different at both showings. The shows will be running both the 28th and the 29th at 7:00P.M., and admission will be three dollars.