New Nano a good thing in a VERY little package

Jon Stevanovich, Staff Reporter

Apple released yet another new iPod to their plethora of electronics offerings. The new iPod nano is the most advanced yet, with many new additions and improvements to the way Apple makes the programs for their iPods.

This new nano has a sleek, small design with a less than two-inch width and height including a clip on the back that allows for it to be easily portable. Comparing to the previous nano, it’s over 40% lighter and smaller and still very easy to navigate with its touch screen. The connector is now the same as every other iPod accessory so you can plug it in to any products that any regular iPod can.

Pricing is very reasonable too. The nano is available in 8GB and 16GB capacities and both easily make it under the two-hundred dollar mark. In addition, the iPod can play up to twenty-four hours straight of music when fully charged. This only requires a charging of three hours for a full battery and a quick 1.5 hours to reach it up to 80% battery.

Features include Genius, FM radio, and a pedometer. Genius will help make a playlist with any song you pick in your library and convert any similar songs in your library to make a playlist. The new FM radio allows of listening to any station and will also show the artist and song of what is playing. And for those fitness lovers, the new pedometer will keep track of time, distance, calories, and other add ons that can all be uploaded to the Nike+ web site so you can keep track of your workouts to help reach your goals.

The system now allows of hearing-impaired people or those who enjoy listening to the iPod with only one headphone in. Settings can now be changed to help for use of allowing music through just one headphone and adapting to hearing-impaired people that will give one the best experience to listening music.

This new iPod is the best of the best and will be hard to match or improve its greatness. This is perfect for those who are always listening to their iPod or love to use it during workouts. The touch screen is just like an iPod touch and home screens is customizable to move your  music options around to your liking. If you are looking to get a new iPod because you need an upgrade or don’t even own a music player, this is the one to get!