Isabel Pena, Staff Reporter

Eleni Collis is a very active sophomore here at RB. Collis is part of the orchestra here at RB. She has been playing the viola since the fifth grade. She also participates in swimming and water polo. Collis has been swimming ever since she started otters back when she was just in the fourth grade.

She said, “The RB team is really fun and I like how we can motivate each other to go faster.”

She has a three year old dog named Molly, a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix, that she just absolutely adores because she is so loyal and energetic. When Collis isn’t playing with Molly or swimming for RB, she enjoys talking with her friends and just hanging out.

One thing that you may not know about Collis is that she loves to go up to Michigan with her family every summer and occasionally in the winter.

Collis said, “We usually go to South Haven and go to the beach. It’s kind of like a tradition I guess.”

One thing that Collis loves so much about Michigan is all the fond memories she has there with her family. She said, “I guess it’s my favorite place because I have a lot of good memories from there.”

When asked to share one of these fond memories, Collis said, “[The memory] is from when I was little. I was sledding down a hill at my aunt’s house with my cousins. We were out there for a few hours and then we came inside and drank hot cocoa and played board games.”

This specific trip was taken during Winter Break, so Collis was able to spend the week with her family at her aunt’s house. She said, “At night we would play games and watch movies. Then during the day we’d go outside and go sledding and play in the snow.”