Every Student Has A Story: Liz Harrington

Liz Harrington with her practice ACT book.

Lauren Kreiss

Liz Harrington with her practice ACT book.

Lauren Kreiss, Staff Reporter

While most students take the ACT seriously, not many of them go to the lengths that Liz Harrington has.  Not only did she enroll in CAP class, like most RB students, she also purchased Kaplan ACT Prep software and has taken five – yes, five – practice ACT tests.  While some people might describe her methods as extreme, Liz says, “I just want to get a good score.  That’s all.”

At the beginning of the semester, Liz took a CAP class during school. This class showed her how to manage her time, showed her strategies on how to approach the ACT test, and how to reduce anxiety towards the test.

“I learned a lot from it. I manage my time so much better and I feel more confident for this test,” she said.

However, even after taking CAP at RB, she felt she still was not prepared.

“I didn’t do as well on the first test [after taking her CAP class during school] as I wanted too. So I made my mom buy me a program for the computer,” she said.

The program, Kaplan ACT Prep Software, allows students to practice ACT passages. There are four sections in the program: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

“Every day after school, I go home and practice a passage. It gets annoying in the beginning, but you get used to it once you do every day,” said Liz. Right now Liz is focusing on her Science section in her ACT program since it has been the hardest section for her.

Liz has taken five practice ACT tests so far.  Two were in school and three were taken outside of school.  She knows that the effort is paying off.

“So far they have helped me because I am now getting used to the test,” she said.  When Liz first took her ACT test, she received a 16. Now, with the help of practice, Liz has been able to bring her score up to 22.  She is hoping that she can receive a 26 in April.

Liz has been determined to go to Purdue University after high school ever since she was little. “My brothers went there, so I also wanted to go there too,” she said.

Her goal from taking the ACT is to get a high enough score to be accepted into Purdue.

“It’s going to be hard, but I think I can make it,” she said.  In order to be considered for acceptance to Purdue, Liz will need to reach the 26 ACT score she has been aiming for.

Regarding advice for her fellow students, Liz has noted that it is important to have the right mind set about the test.  “Don’t go into the test with a negative attitude.  Also, don’t pay attention to people around you.  Only pay attention to the test and yourself,” she said.

Even though it might not seem like it now, Harrington hopes all of the preparation will pay off.  Five practice ACT tests and countless hours of studying will be worth it if she achieves her dreams.